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  • Wireless Audio Transceiver

    • Transmission type:2.4G radio architecture
    • Frequency:2400~2483.5 MHz
    • Frequency modulation:Frequency-shift keying(FSK)
    • Operating:≦35ma
    • Easy to use:turn the power,transmitter and recevier scanning and connecting Automatically
    • More efficiently:transmitter and recevier connecting distance≧1m,auto connecting≦1s
    • Long distance:transmitter and recevier connecting distance up to 50~100m
    • Anti-jamming:Auto channel scanning and selecting
    • Any recevier can work with any transmitter,without mutual interference
    • High SNR>95dB
    • High quslity wireless audio transmitter(Sampling frequency:48k)
    • Built-in Volume Adiustment button
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