About Us

Established in 1986, GeanSen Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of cable assemblies.

Our company has a representative office in the United States and a factory in Dong Guan, mainland China, with over 600 employees. Our products include all kinds of standard computer cables, customized cables made as per customers' specifications, patented retractable cables, data communication boxes, connectors and all computer accessories.

To maintain our reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of cables, we constantly introduce the latest manufacturing technology, assembling methods, innovative designs and good materials. Our staff and workers receive intensive training and continuous education on quality control. We have attained several certifications, including UL, CSA and ISO9001:2000. Our monthly output is 1 million pieces.

High quality is just one of the reasons why GeanSen has grown and expanded over the past 22 years. GeanSen's legendary ability to make complex custom-made cables with short turn-around time is well known in the industry.

High quality, short lead time and reliability are the main factors attributable to GeanSen's success in Japan, Europe and the USA market.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturing partner, please contact:  sales@geansen.com

Company Profile

1. Year of Establishment: 1986
2. Office & Factory Area: Taiwan 7,000 sq.ft.  
China 83,960 sq.ft.
3. No. Of Employees: 705 of which 45 in Taiwan and 660 in China
4. Major Products: all kinds of standard computer cables, custom cable made to customers' specifications, patented retractable cables, data communication boxes, connectors and all computer accessories
5. Production Capacity: 3 million pieces per month    
6.Main Customers: 
International-  Domestic-
  • IBMFujitsu Limited
  • Fastpoint Technology, Inc.
  • Oasis Computer Products Inc.
  • Link Cable Assemblies Limited
  • Asian Intergration Co., Ltd.
  • Barco Projection Systems
  • Betronic Design
  • Mania Electronics Inc.
  • Lucky Computer
  • Petrotec SA
  • Mitani Shoji Co., Ltd.
  • 全懋工業有限公司
  • 昱忠企業股份有限公司
  • 市商國際有限公司
  • 均達電子工業股份有限公司
  • 連展科技股份有限公司
  • 信邦電子股份有限公司
  • 百容電子股份有限公司
  • 巨一科技股份有限公司
  • 福成電子股份有限公司

Wire Extrusion - Wire & Cable Insulation Extrusion Machine, Wire & Cable Printing Machine, Cotton Tap Aluminum Foil Wrapping Machine, Wire Braiding Machine, Hi-Speed Double Twist Bunching Machine, Hi-Voltage & Insulation Tester (Spark Tester), Auto Wire Winding Machine

8.Equipment of Plugs & Cable Assemblies:

Crimping Machine, Plug-Injection Molding Machine, Wire-Stripping Machine Computerized Open/Short/Insulation Tester, Open/Short Tester, Spark Machine, Push-Pull Weight Tester, Binding Tester, etc.